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Unique real-time games development platform is powering leading MMO games, such as "The Elder Scrolls Online" by Zenimax and "Star Wars: The Old Republic" by EA for more than 12 years
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Total addressable market of 3D Real-time Simulations for Smart Cities by 2020
$3 000 000 000
Sources: Bain&Company, Gartner, IDC, Harbor Research, Machina Research, Ovum
The current and future market
Our Blockchain-secured platform will be ready integrate 3 monetization models dependent on the market readiness and current demand. Initially, our focus is on the multi-million dollar segment of Disaster Recovery and Emergency Management simulations. For example, weather-related disaster evacuations, public transportation emergency management, etc. Our key competitive advantages are unparalleled Real-time massive scale 3D modeling and scenario simulations, which will unite the data from growing number of connected IoT devices, mobile phones and vehicles. Key industry experts and government officials highlight the urgent need for real-time modeling solutions visualizing and simulating scenarios based on continuously growing vast amounts of IoT and other data. This model will be enhanced with leading AI solutions to run thousands of scenarios and improve decision-making abilities of the Smart Cities managers.
Decentralization and self-organization
Decentralized nature of the Ethereum Blockchain in combination with HeroEngine's Massive scalability allows the creation of a unique trusted platform by governments, corporations, private citizens and other contributors. Contributors to the SmartCity platform will transact in HeroCoins for the use of their data. Anyone could become a contributor to the platform from citizens, private companies, educational institutions and many others. Starting with simple real time large scale simulations and Smart Contracts we are going to provide citizens an opportunity to take back the control of their private data, while improving the quality of government services and streamlining those services with real-time management insights.
Take control of your data
Private Citizens are increasingly concerned about the privacy of their data. By using the Blockchain technology they can take control of this situation and willingly enter into Smart Contracts with the government or corporations where the conditions of the data usage are clearly outlined and potentially the government or private companies would pay citizens for their data using HeroCoins. Smart Contacts will provide the protection and establish higher trust relationships between parties. HeroEngine World Platform will create a bridge between Smart Economy and Smart Contracts providing the path for evolving relations between Governments, Businesses and Citizens. We are bringing value to all involved parties with our tested high-quality systems.
Real-time, all-in-one interactive platform used for development and management of virtual worlds, serious games simulations, and massive multiplayer online games

UP AND RUNNING in the cloud immediately. Zero server set-up
EDIT REAL TIME in the same environment with the rest of your team
NO COMPLICATED local network or reversioning software to set-up
INTEGRATED TOOLS Get necessary middleware, including SpeedTree and FaceGen

Blockchain components of HeroEngine World
Blockchain / Hyperledger will be used to authenticate and validate the data coming into HeroEngine World, as we are going to integrate with many external data services both public and private sources, essentially creating shared trust within a "trustless" network of hundreds of services and contributors.
Smart contracts
Smart contracts will be used to regulate the relationships between governments, businesses, private contractors and individuals / citizens. One of the most important aspect of the platform is the protection of citizens' privacy. It's comprehensive and intuitive system capable of managing day-to-day activities.
Cryptocurrency - HeroCoins - will be used as currency inside the HeroEngine World economy for all transactions, including payments between governments, business, private contractors, citizens. Different incentives, bonuses, subscription fees, micro and nano size transactions, etc will be also processed in HeroCoins.
The growth in the value of HeroCoins will come from the increasing number of cities coming on to HeroEngine World platform.
We are a Real Business, Not a Business Plan!
$20m invested in development
We have invested more than $20 million in HeroEngine platform technology development including Cloud-based real-time services. We are a public company, regulated under the English Law. That mean we have publicly available audited reports for years and our business is completely transparent.
Competitors valued at > $1bn
Game Engine industry segment has recently attracted very large investments at colossal valuations. Improbable has raised hundreds of millions of dollars at $1bn valuation. HeroEngine platform features are already delivering main functional blocks, which have prompted those investments.
Fully functional unique product, 6 million lines of C++ code with own programming language
Our engineers have done massive amount of work - just check out our system architecture or features. We have 15 years of continuous enterprise-scale cloud-based deployment experience.
Government agencies and Industrial companies use HeroEngine
A number of government agencies and an aircraft manufacturing conglomerate use HeroEngine to simulate thousands of disaster scenarios, train their employees, and better prepare themselves for eventual emergencies.
EA, Zenimax use HeroEngine for major projects
"The Elder Scroll Online" and "Star Wars; The Old Republic" games generate hundreds of millions in revenues. Those Massive Multiplayer Online games support millions of players, it is an ultimate showcase of HeroEngine's scalability and quality.
SmartCity solutions for Singapore, UAE, Canada, Korea, Latvia
Government agencies are looking for a highly scalable platform that could unite all IoT data and other systems and help them better manage current infrastructure and be able to run massive scale simulations to be best prepared for Disaster and Emergency management events, making their cities and countries a safer place.
HeroEngine's unparalleled scalability and massive simulation capabilities have all the right ingredients to become key platform for Smart Cities management.
Funding Goals and Deliverables
$10 million
Server and Client updates / Data Analysis / Base model
1. Graphics DX12 updates HeroScript 2. Extension Interface compatibility / integration
3. Data sources analysis and integration City map generation and test
4. Economic model development and test
5. Simulation logic implementation
6. Blockchain integration / HeroCoin launch
7. Integration of HeroEngine with city sensor network
+$5 million
+City model building / IoT integration
1. Architectural Models import
2. Custom tools development
3. Additional external systems integrations
4. Satellite / weather data integration
5. Generic City model ready for custom deployment
+$15 million
+Government / City marketing / World expansion
1. Global model rollout
2. AR / VR
3. Integration iOS and Android 4. Integration Disaster and Emergency management simulations 5. Establishment of 4 regional satellite development offices
6. Cooperation with local Universities 7. Hero University launch
+$30 million
+AI integration

1. IBM Watson and other AI solutions integration
2. Complementary technology acquisitions
3. Enable massive real time simulations
4. NatCat models integration / Insurance industry collaboration
The team is lead by
Alex Shalash
Chief Executive Officer, Founder
Held senior positions in asset management and equity research at large financial institutions, including Andersen Consulting, Lehman Brothers, SwissCanto, Bank Julius Baer and Bank Bellevue.
Christopher Larsen
Chief Technical Officer
17 years experience in development and managing geographicaly diverse teams.Key engineer for HeroEngine and HeroCloud. Leader and trainer of hundreds of developers in massive multiplayer online game development and client/server architectures
Aaron Levi Yahalom
Business Development Executive
Business developer, system analyst and Business Process Automation Expert. Dozens of projects in financial sector, HR, Games industry, Security and Government Services. Inventer in biomechanical field.
Nikolay Shpakovsky
Chief innovation officer
Awarded theory of inventive problem solving master. Executed over 150 inventive projects in various fields of technology. Was a TRIZ consultant at Samsung, POSCO and other companies.
Evgeniy Pozynich
Chief Creative Officer
Sales, Marketing and Process Automation Expert. Participated in various projects in Finance, IT, Real-Estate, Business Consulting, Space, Military industries.
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