1. Who are we?
We are the developers of the Massive Multiplayer Online Games and Simulations platform - HeroEngine. Since 2005, our platform has been used to develop and to run worldwide blockbuster games such as "The Elder Scrolls Online - Morrowind" and "Star Wars: The Old Republic"; our clients include global game publishers Electronic Arts (EA Games) and Zenimax. In addition to games, our platform is used to develop simulations by a number of government agencies, universities, and a leading global aircraft manufacturer. Owing to its massive scalability, HeroEngine can be used to develop and to run simulations with millions of dynamic and static objects in real time, while visualizing data in a fully interactive 3D environment. HeroEngine's unique features include our revolutionary cloud-based service HeroCloud, where developers are creating their games and simulations in a real-time collaborative environment.
2.1 What do we offer as a platform for Smart Cities?
The rapid proliferation of IoT sensors and Smart Devices has given birth to the concept of Smart Cities, where the data collected from those devices provides greater insights into the functioning of cities and can be used to improve many aspects of city life. Very large Smart City projects such as Smart Dubai and Smart Nation in Singapore focus on the deployment of extensive IoT networks and the collection of vast amounts of data. According to a number of officials, the main challenge is the lack of a unifying platform to visualize all that data and to use it to improve cities.
Our platform HeroEngine World (HEW) is the answer to this platform challenge. Using HEW, cities can develop a "Digital Twin" of themselves which will live alongside and visualize all the processes within cities in real time. HEW is capable of unifying static and dynamic IoT data, location data of people and vehicles, weather, traffic, environmental data, etc. in real time and present this data to all stakeholders in a much more comprehensive way.
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